West Coast Swing Beginning Level Group Classes

When: Thursday nights 7pm to 8pm (Starting in May 2018)

Where: ​The Center (3701 Hwy 12 Eau Claire)

​Cost: ​$10 per person per class

West Coast Swing (WCS) is smooth, sassy, and super fun! Originating from Lindy Hop, WCS came about in Hollywood and made many changes over the course of the last several decades. As the popular music changed so did the style of WCS. West Coast Swing, also now known as 'Westie', can be danced to a lot of the top pop, country, and lyrical hits heard on the radio. This dance spawns a great community of people that love to gather and dance socially all over the world. It is a must learn for those that are trying to find movement in their lifestyle. 

​Where Learning to Dance is Always a Fun Journey!

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